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Welcome to Sleuth Brand Consulting.
We develop and activate brands that solve the complex business challenges of our time.

Why we exist

We’re living in an age of incredible transformation. We no longer consume brand messages. Instead, we are immersed in brand experience. Everything a company makes, says and does must convey a consistent and powerfully persuasive story to precisely the right audience. Sleuth exists to excavate, articulate and activate brand narratives to drive real business growth.

What we do


Our non-traditional research methods are designed to surface the unmet, unarticulated desires of business-critical audiences. We’ve developed Influencer Salons, Customer Co-Creation Labs, In-Home or Undercover Investigations, Expert Brain Trusts and Live Insight Installations.

Our output is rich, engaging insight engineered for plug and play activation across product development, communications, customer experience management, talent acquisition and corporate reputation management.

Think custom-designed, media-rich email dossiers; live, interactive insight installations and sophisticated, documentary style film to instantly fill the blind spots in your go-to-market plans.


Effective brand positioning is excavated, never created. Sleuth leaves no clue unsurfaced. Business and competitive analysis, pricing strategy, innovation processes, cultural drivers and unmet consumer desires are all dug up, analyzed and factored into a game-changing narrative for your brand.

Our process is transparent and inclusive of key internal stakeholders, eliminating the need for later “sell in” of strategies. We recognize our clients’ need to build a culture of collaboration.


Brand strategy is useless if not immediately actionable. Sleuth’s activation offer includes multimedia Brand Experience Guides, Target Audience and Messaging Architectures, Media Channel Plans and custom Jumpstart Activation Workshops. We turn your engineers, marketers and other partners into co-creators and owners of branded products, services, experiences. Our Jumpstart Output Report serves as the foundation for your integrated, 12-24 month GTM plan.

Who we're for

Sleuth is the secret weapon of companies seeking to shatter category convention, shape culture and seize market leadership. Our work is efficient, actionable and highly effective. If you’d prefer to outthink than outspend your competition, Sleuth is for you.